Rajasthan Wildlife Safari Expedition

Rajasthan Wildlife Safari Expedition

Embark on an enthralling journey through Rajasthan's untamed landscapes. Our safari tour immerses you in the diverse ecosystems of Ranthambore, Keoladeo, Sariska, and more. Encounter majestic wildlife and rugged terrains, all while experiencing the unique charm of Rajasthan's wilderness. Join us in unveiling the hidden wonders of nature in this captivating adventure.

As you venture from one sanctuary to another, you'll witness the untamed beauty of Rajasthan's deserts, forests, and wetlands. Our expert guides will lead you on exhilarating safari excursions, sharing insights about the flora and fauna that thrive in these unique habitats. Join us as we unveil the hidden treasures of Rajasthan's wilderness, creating memories that will forever resonate with the call of the wild.

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Tour Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrival in Jaipur
  • Arrive in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.
  • Check in to your hotel and relax.
  • Enjoy an evening exploration of the local markets.

Day 2: Ranthambore National Park
  • Depart for Ranthambore National Park.
  • Embark on an exciting wildlife safari to spot tigers, leopards, and various wildlife species.
  • Explore the ancient Ranthambore Fort within the park.

Day 3: Ranthambore to Bharatpur
  • Travel to Bharatpur, home to Keoladeo National Park.
  • Explore the park's diverse avian population through a rickshaw ride or guided walk.

Day 4: Bharatpur to Sariska
  • Depart for Sariska Tiger Reserve.
  • Enjoy an afternoon jungle safari to spot tigers, leopards, and other wildlife.
  • Visit the ancient Kankwari Fort located within the reserve.

Day 5: Sariska to Bikaner
  • Travel to Bikaner, a desert city.
  • Visit the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary to spot migratory birds and other wildlife.

Day 6: Bikaner to Jaisalmer
  • Depart for Jaisalmer, the "Golden City."
  • Explore the Desert National Park, known for its unique desert ecosystem.
  • Discover the fossils and rich wildlife of the Thar Desert.

Day 7: Jaisalmer Exploration and Departure
  • Explore Jaisalmer's attractions, including the Jaisalmer Fort and Patwon Ki Haveli.
  • Conclude your wildlife safari tour with memorable experiences.
  • Depart from Jaisalmer with a heart full of wildlife encounters and desert adventures.
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